Story and philosophy

Kamlaflor was born following the meeting of a pharmacist and a biologist. Our success began by selecting the best natural products, hence our mission to provide you with the finest vegetable oils, essential oils, plant extracts and other products from the plant world, with total traceability at competitive prices. .

 The quality control of our products is of paramount importance and it is imperative that the most rigorous tests are performed for each product in our range. Having an irreproachable quality is a commitment we take very seriously. All our products are controlled by our suppliers before shipping, then by ourselves or an independent laboratory at reception. Each product are delivered with an analysis bulletin.

Our range continues to grow and includes cold pressed oils and organic and this thanks to a close collaboration that is born and continues to develop between us and our suppliers, in the interest of ensuring methods of cultivation soft, seasonal , not forced, and superior quality products.